Barry Kornfeld

Debt Restructuring

A business-minded and dedicated debt restructuring expert

Based out of Palm Beach, Florida, Barry Kornfeld is a Principal and Commercial Finance Consultant at Value Capital Funding, a niche firm in the financial services industry that specializes in debt restructuring. Over the course of his career, he has amassed over 30 years of comprehensive experience and in-depth knowledge of finance and various commercial finance transactions. 

After spending many years in the financial services industry, Barry, along with his wife, Ferne, and his brother, realized that there was a large and unfortunate gap within the commercial finance marketplace. Many companies and businesses were seeking solutions to their debt, only to be pointed by others towards more and more debt. Given the amount of money such businesses had already borrowed, their loan applications were often declined, leaving them back at square one.

Barry Kornfeld and his partners realized that what these businesses and companies were actually looking for was a way to restructure their debt—not accrue more. As such, they began reaching out to specialized restructuring partners and lenders, working towards the ability to specialize in debt restructuring since the market so desperately needed it. With his background in finance, Barry is able to apply his analytical skills to help consult with businesses plagued with too much debt. Instead of working with individuals, he is now working exclusively with businesses to first help them secure affordable financing, but if they are not qualified, then to help them by showing the benefits of restructuring their unsupportable business debt. For Barry, it was a natural and necessary offshoot.

The financial services industry is ripe with competitors, but few offer what Value Capital Funding provides. Firm after firm offers debt solutions in the form of loans but, as Barry Kornfeld will tell you, there are incredibly few who specialize in the unique combination of affordable financing, and debt restructuring. While there are obvious benefits to the niche they occupy, the marketplace of small business owners typically doesn’t know the difference between the specialty they provide, and traditional debt settlement. Above all, their biggest challenge is communicating with their desired audience in a market that is overcrowded, and where most business owners feel you have one hand inside their wallet.

Like other businesses, promotion and marketing can be challenging at times, but Barry always remains grateful for the businesses he is able to assist—many of whom are small business owners or the owners of family-owned and operated businesses like himself. Often, Barry Kornfeld and Value Capital Funding are the only two things standing between a business owner and bankruptcy. Understanding the value small businesses hold within their communities, Barry is grateful to provide these owners the opportunity to rehabilitate their shops and stores and continue giving back.

When he’s not working, Barry can be found spending time with his family and their cat, Bella. Avid travelers—pre-CV-19, of course—he and his family have visited over 40 countries, making several trips to Europe, the Caribbean & even Russia. He is also a big sports fan, favoring basketball and the NBA team Miami Heat. For 5 years (“back in the day”), he and his family enjoyed season tickets, and Barry has many fond memories of watching the games live with his sons. 

To learn more about Barry Kornfeld and his insight into debt restructuring, make sure to check out his blog!